Bits And Pieces 2011 Testing Kick Off
Last weekend The Bits And Pieces Team went testing at their home track, Lebanon Valley Dragway, in West Lebanon NY. Joining Keith and John were Jeff Bradt and Jim Jones. Both who have been a part of the team in previous years and have made the time to assist the team in 2011. We welcome back both Jim and Jeff and hope to have a great season.

Well our '77 Trans Am (affectionately dubbed the Oldsmobird) was aired on for a couple of shakedown runs. The runs were suppose to be 1/2 track then maybe a 1000' squirt. But on the first pass all was going well so Keith decided to run it to around 1000'. Loose clutch adjustment kept the ETís up but trap speed was 180mph. The second pass we added some weight to the Crowerglide and took out some stall speed and we ran the full 1320 at 183mph. No not earth shattering, but doing exactly as planned. Get the driver acclimated to the car.

The next test session will be in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

A BIG thanks to John Napoli, Jeff Bradt and Jim Jones for their help.
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