Dover Drag Reunion 2020

Where to start? So many people to thank I know I’ll forget someone so please excuse me.  My family, Deb, Alex and Justin. Teammates, Jeff Bradt, Ron Cocca, Jeremy Rorick , Bill Bushman and his family. Those who have been a tremendous help along the way, Steve Rigowski, Jeremy Trudell. John Saupp, Jim Jones, Derek Lobban, John Napoli, Al Napier, Bill Hornyak, Paul Conlon (glad you are OK!). My bud in heaven, Rocky Roxlau watching over me plus many more I’m sure I’ve forgotten. Chris Massarella for ALWAYS believing in our team

My goal 11 years ago when we started this endeavor was to have a 6.50 200mph nitro funny car. Thru a lot of trial and error and some set backs we finally did it! I could not be happier, the car performed exactly as we wanted and our whole team was thrilled with our 6.47 at 204 all time best ET and MPH. Thank you Dino Lawrence for the opportunity to run our best in front of so many family and friends!

Rocky Pirrone, Roy Neiman and the whole Super Eagle/Screamin Camaro Team, it was a great pleasure running you guys! Rocky, your team was awesome and their hospitality fantastic!

Thank you, Wayne Delmonte and the whole LVD track crew for an awesome track and dealing with the trials of the day.

Thank you to so many people who came up and congratulated us. We really appreciate the kind words!

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