Funny Car Throwdown 2020 Island Dragway

I’ve purposely delayed my weekend report for various reasons. I first want to thank Melissa Milano and the staff at Island Dragway for their perseverance in hosting this event. We look forward to it and our rivalry with Chuck Exton. As some may know already, we had some severe tire shake in the first round. We pedaled it 4 times to an ugly win over our good buddy and rival Chuck Exton. But it was bad and I knew we needed to check the car over well when we got back to the pits. There we found our wheelie bar tree work broke again. So begrudgingly we packed it in for the day. Knowing we had another show this weekend, we knew already with the pit buzz, the vultures were circling (and the body wasn’t even cold yet). Well, thanks to our good friends and teammates, Ron Cocca and Brian Cerniglia , we had a lead on a repair facility on the 3 hour ride back home to NY. It’s all been fixed and is ready to rock this weekend at Lebanon Valley Dragway’s Dover Drag Reunion.  Thanks again to Kevin Beal for reaching out to Dino Lawrence to make this happen at our home track. It means a lot to our team to be able to race in front of our hometown friends and family! I need to thank MANY people who sacrifice for this endeavor including my family, Deb, Justin and Alex. Thanks to our sponsors, Ron Cocca and Gil’s  for their continued support. Thanks to my crew, Ron Cocca, Jeremy Rorick, Jeff Bradt . Guest crew this weekend, Brian Cerniglia, Bill Bushman , (Justin Davidson, Troy Bushman, Todd Bushman and Jacob Kahler, Kings of the T-shirt stand!)

Chuck Exton keep on digging, the score is now 6-3 (still your favor) If we both live long enough, maybe I’ll catch up…lol. You and your team are Aces! Don’t hurt Jeff, he scares easily…lol

Lastly to the whole Steve Musser and Robert M Toth led Time Bomb Team . What an awesome tribute to our buddy Rocky Roxlau. It was great to see Karen A. Ihling, Cailey and Janet there to see this awesome tribute to a great man. We had a front row seat on the top end where our friend will forever be remembered. Simply awesome job guys!

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