Keiths 2012 Weekend Report #1
Sunday June 10th,
Lebanon Valley Dragway
Nostalgia Drags

Well our first outing of for the Bits And Pieces team was highly anticipated. After a relatively successful warm up on alky at Jeffs house Saturday, in between rain drops. We were ready to throw some nitro % at the Chevy beast on Sunday.

Jeff, John and I arrived early, warmed the car up on alky, adjusted the valves and mixed the fuel to 88%. With the new fuel pump being 4 gallons lighter, I wanted sneak up on it a bit.

John hopped back in the car, Jeff and I threw in 10 gallons of nitro, and we were ready to fire it up. Jeff spun the starter over as I worked the gas bottle. Once she was running on the squirt bottle, Johnny rolled the fuel lever on and it came to life. Immediately there was a more pronounced pounding with the new fuel system. The idle was a little low, so I began to open up some of the air bleeds. I had to open up the blades to get our desired idle RPM and adjusted the barrel valve back to where it needed to be. I opened up the enrichment valve and the pipes were misty nicely. I nodded at Johnny and he grabbed a handful of brake as I gave it a quick rap of the throttle. Whaaaa! The engine screamed! Boy that is the quickest this thing has ever revved up, she sounded mean. One more whack and we shut it down. Time to throw on the diaper, body and pack the chutes.

We get into the staging lanes and I begin to get ready right away. There are 2 other funny cars here today and I would like to run after them. Since I have a new helmet and HANS device to get used to, I suit up ASAP. Well it has been a long winter and I forgot that my right fireboot has a broken zipper. Oh well, time to break out the duct tape. As Jeff is helping me strap in, John is fighting the left rear slick. Seems he cannot get the valve to bleed the air down. We have to try and make a hit with more tire pressure than we hoped, but the track was in good shape. They motion us up to the water box. I go thru my routine in my head. Fuel off, clutch in, big grab of the brake, watch the oil pressure and RPMs.oh yeah, be sure to stick it in high when rolling thru the water box for the burnout!  John backs the dually up, Jeff locks in the starter. We get the signal and we wheel it over. She zips to life on the gas bottle then as I roll on the fuel this thing starts pounding like it never has before. Cool I think, this could be fun. I look at the tach 2600-2700, oil pressure 120psi. Jeff lowers the body and motions me up to the water box. Thunk, Thunk into high gear I put the trans. I roll on the throttle and it does and effortless 400 foot burnout. No skipping, popping, dropping cylinders, just a lot of crisp mean Chevy. I roll to a stop and have a brain fade trying to get into reverse, before I realize I need to put it back in low. I roll back, quickly since I went further than I wanted and was concerned about fuel use (not having any data on the new system). Jeff pops into view and guides me back. All while I listen to the evil staccato drumming of the little 433 Chevy in front of me.

I get back behind the line and get ready to go back into forward, when the idle rises a touch, then the engine dies and BANG! Whoa, that was loud. Look in the fire windows, ready with the fire bottles lever. What was that I think to myself. I get pushed off the track, half expecting to see the burst panel popped, but nothing. We will evaluate it back in the pits and try to head back out.

Well back in the pits, all preliminary checks are fine. The leakdown test shows #3 lower than I would like so we decided to pack it up and pull it apart and see if we can figure out what happened.

We hope to be ready in 2weeks for Maple Grove! Stay tuned and thanks for taking the time to read my weekend report.

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Keith Davidsonn
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