700 foot pass on 92% @ LVD
July 17th
Lebanon Valley Dragway

Well we decided to pick the HOTTEST day of the year to try and make it past 1/2 track with the nitro "Oldsmobird" I was hoping to get to 700-800 to see how the engine internals would react.
Jim and Jeff met at the house and John met us at the track. Jim, Jeff and I headed out and arrived around 10am. We immediately set up the 20x10 tent to keep the blazing sun off of us. John gets the oil in the engine, Jim and Jeff start mixing some new batches of fuel. We went out with 92% 2 weeks ago and decided since we were trying to just make it to 700-800 feet, 90% was sufficient. Well the DA was 5000+ so maybe we shoulda used the other 2%. Anyways, we get fueled up, John hops in the drivers seat and we start to warm it up on alky. Well, heres were it gets interesting! We fired it up and the engine RPMs immediately went to 3200! So we shut it off and tried to determine the issues. Well in the process, Jim touched up against the header, and when he jerked in reaction, blew his knee out! Well for a few minutes we thought we would just pack up and get Jim back home, but he was a trooper and soldiered on. (he got to drive the truck and sit in the A/C..)
So we get the alky idle down and warm it up and John runs thru the gears. We shut it off, grab the masks and TRY to fire it on fuel. BUT every time Jim pulls the squirt bottle away it dies. Hmmmm, been here before. John goes, "hey Keith! didya pull out the shipping plug from the fuel pump inlet?" Doh! nope forgot! So Jeff and John ever so elegantly pull off the pump inlet hose and pluck out he little red plug and jam the hose back on. All while losing only a couple of ounces of fuel. The top end safety guy keeps coming over asking when we will be ready to run. Hes just making sure theyre all ready for me.
So we get it fired up on fuel. John is in the drivers seat. I raise the idle a little bit and the staccato idle begins to climb from 2200 to 2500. Sounds good, but notice #4 is now dead!. Adjust the BV to get the fuel pressure back to 8 and it doesnt clean up. John grabs a handful of brake, Rs drop 150. He does it again..Whomp!.....Whomp!....sounds stout. Shut if off. Now its time to don the nomex and carbon x and get into the lanes. A fresh bottle of water rand off we go.
John gets me buckled in tight and we pull up to the water box. Jeff locks on the starter and John mans the squirt bottle. Push in the mag kill, be sure to push in the clutch. Grab a handful of brake. Ready! They spin it over, I pull the mag switch on, it roars to life on gas. roll on the fuel lever and it begins to shake and rattle. John puts the starter in the back of the truck and it decides it wants to hop back out unattended and plops itself on the ground! Jeff lowers the body, I let out the clutch. The car rolls forward. push in the air buttons to get into hi. Roll into the water box...waaaaa!!....it starts to grab the starting line. Wow, for 154* track temp, its pretty bitey! It jets past the tree as I give a little more throttle. Smokes starts to roll in and I lift. I push in the clutch and roll to a stop. I ease it into reverse. The whole time the idle is echoing off the tinwork giving it an eerie hollow tone. John pops into view and I follow his commands. I get back behind the tree and reach for the reverser. Jeff is pointing down track. He walks up to the car, gives me the "cut it" signal, WHAT! Not again! So I shut the fuel off and only imagine what it could be.
We get back to the trailer and discover the little -3 tube nut on the idle enrichment loops is finger tight. Nope! couldnt have leaked in the pits! Weve got 1hr to service the car before the track closes for the day. We service it as fast as we can. Mix up some fresh fuel and hustle on back into the lanes.
We get to the water box and fire up the lil beast. Still sounds stout. do a short burn out to keep the head temps cool. Back up behind the tree. Hey, no panicking! Must be OK. Glide the shifter into forward. Jeff rolls me up to just before the pre-stage beam. He reaches in, turns up the Crawford valve, beats on the body and dis-appears off to the left. I lower the visor, turn on the A/C (lol) and glance at the oil pressure, 120psi. I ease into the pre-stage beam. Deep breath, hold in the clutch. Ease out the clutch and stage. YELLOW....GREE and Im hammer the loud pedal. Waiting for that familiar "Star Wars" time warp feeling to happen or for tire shake to ensue. But, it politely leaves the starting line. WoW! I think, its not really making a move. Around 200 it starts to pick up a bit, I listen to the engine slowly climb. Around 400 I hit high and it lumbers on thru. Around 700 the pitch of the engine changes (probably going rich) and roll off the throttle at 800.
Timeslip, nothing to write home about, 1.15 60, 3.08 to 330, 4.57@153 to 660 and 6.18 off the throttle to 1000. BUT it comes back in one piece, and Ill pull it apart and inspect it this week, and get after it a little more next time out at the Night of Fire on Friday night August 5th.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
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